The code freeze tool to block merging and deployments

Merge Freeze is a Github app that allows dev teams to block merging at certain times of the week or during one-off situations.

One-off freezes

Anyone in your team can temporarily block merging.

Scheduled freezes

Schedule recurring freezes so your team can only merge during certain times of the day, week or month.


Access the current Merge Freeze status of your repository or trigger a freeze using our API.

Slack app

Freeze your repository with a simple /mergefreeze command.

Button to freeze a Github repository Merge Freeze is a status check on your Github PRs

Slack app

The Slack app gives you a /mergefreeze command that, when called, will show you the current status of your project(s) and a big shiny button to either freeze or unfreeze it.

It will also send your team a notification when someone implements a merge freeze, very handy as an extra reminder that everyone should stop merging. You can configure which channel these notifications should go to.

Button to freeze a branch in Slack Notification in Slack

How do I install it?
1. Sign in through Github

We use Github to identify users since we need to access the Github API to see which of their repositories have the app installed.

2. Install the Github app

The Github app needs to be installed on at least one repository in order for it to be useful.

3. Add a project

Pick a branch in your repository that you’d like to protect with Merge Freeze (usually main/master).

4. Link the project to Slack

Click the “Add to Slack” button in the “Slack integration” panel of your project. Once you’ve added the app to your Slack workspace you will be prompted to pick a channel for the notifications to be sent to.

Merge Freeze UI

More info can be found in our documentation.

Okay let’s get started!